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Software Licensing Deconstructed. Non-Standard Negotiation: Win Win or No Deal.

The EBS Group’s Oracle license Management strategies begins with a confidential, comprehensive licensing review. Each client receives a customized plan to fit its business needs in order to obtain the optimal price, terms and conditions. We offer an ongoing software asset management program that includes a meticulous audit, analysis and implementation of strategies that define and shape:
1.    How much software do you really need for your organization? What are you using? What aren’t you using that would allow you to cut other costs?
2.    Is your software addressing your business needs at the end of Yr 1, Yr 2?
3.    Do you really understand the functionality of the products you're investing in and how it affects your business objectives?
4.    How will your possibly afford your support payments and how will new price list changes and support policies affect current and future licensing?
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