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Identity Managment

Who are you? What are you doing?  Bringing Order to Chaos with a Real Identity and Access Solution

Information sharing becomes extremely complex once you need to secure information outside and across enterprise boundaries, such as information for business customers, prospects, partners, dealers, or other “outsiders.”

The current IT practice of concentrating all security at the network perimeter has created an enterprise environment that looks like a single hard shell around a soft chewy center (Think Tootsie Pop); However, a cohesive identity management strategy across the enterprise lets an enterprise securely facilitate these exchanges without placing undue strain on often over-burdened internal resources. This makes it easier to develop and expand alliances and channels, expand and accelerate business opportunities, at the same time reducing IT cost and complexity – thereby reducing leaks, leaks of information and productivity.
True Identity Management helps organizations deal with many of the issues and challenges they face as they attempt to respond to information sharing, increased security threats, wide-ranging compliance initiatives and rising IT bottlenecks.  Moreover, Identity Management defends an organization not only from external threats but also more importantly from internal threats – often the source of the majority of security risks. Consider the following questions:
•    How much do you spend on password resets today for all your internal and external users?   
•    How do you secure your web applications today? How do you manage the users accessing those applications? 
•    When an employee's status changes, would it be helpful if your managers could instantly update access to key business applications without delay or involving IT?
•    Do you have one common view of your end user? 
•    Do you know who has access to what application across your company? 
•    How do you ensure ex-employees no longer have access to your applications or current employees have right access privileges?

Spurred by application diversity and sprawl, increasing regulation and genuine concerns for the Privacy of Corporate information, many enterprises are looking to implement a strategy for identity and access management (IAM). If you're not sure of the answers to any of these questions, you probably have a process but not a strategy.  Such a strategy must comprise several key elements:

  • Replacing the multiple online identities that users have today with a single, secure, trusted and efficiently managed credential for each user
  • Reducing the number of passwords and password-related help-desk calls
  • Automating the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees
  • Proving to the auditors that they have adequate controls over user access

The EBS Group offers a comprehensive and affordable approach to Identity and Access Management. Put us to the test.

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