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Enterprise 2.0?  
It's about Sharing, Not Technology.

Enterprise 2.0 is a new buzzword that is getting a lot of attention. The adoption of so-called Web 2.0 technologies is extraordinary. The popularity of sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogs are indicative of a powerful sea change at hand in the way people want to communicate.  This rapid adoption, with such a diversity of users, begs the question of why users are flocking to these systems. 
Enterprise 2.0 is about bringing content to the employee in context so that their attention will be kept “on topic”. An Enterprise 2.0 platform forms an information fabric in which knowledge and process workers are woven together with colleagues, customers, systems, and information.

Ultimately, the goal of this participation is to tap into the energies and expertise of every individual and to deliver a synthesis of the good ideas. Aggregating the varied inputs, precipitating the valuable outcomes through team-enabled decision making, and enabling employees to make better business decisions is the result.

"Portal" technology enables an enterprise to integrate people, information, systems, and business processes, to become more effective and more productive. With Oracle E2.0 Portals, you can adapt and expand your existing infrastructure to enable your business to evolve and grow. Today, Oracle Portals are being used to revamp intranets (B2E), Websites (B2B & B2C) and Supply networks (B2S), providing a “Google-like” experience.

"Portal" helps you provide the right information to the right viewer at the right time. The viewer could be an employee, a Website visitor, a vendor or a business partner. Content creation, approvals and publishing can be automated to ensure accurate relevant content at all times. With Oracle Portal users do not need to be an HTML expert to add or edit Website content.

SPECIAL OFFER: Contact us today to receive a Portal Roadmap & Readiness Assessment. For a limited time, EBS and Oracle are offering a comprehensive Executive Assessment and use case for Oracle Portal with ROI at an introductory rate.

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