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Improve Accessibility, Productivity and Compliance

You have all sorts of useful information throughout your Organization. The question is, how do you make that information available across your entire organization to the people that need it? And how do you keep that information quickly accessible, up-to-date, managed and compliant?

As the amount of content continues to grow within organizations, challenges with its creation, management and distribution continue to grow as well. Eighty percent of digitized information in a typical company is unstructured data such as documents, emails, and images and such content is growing by 50 percent every year. Many organizations use multiple systems to house unstructured content created during the normal course of doing business; disparate systems cause duplication of content and effort and make it nearly impossible to effectively reuse content for multiple purposes.

Studies by IDC, as well as organizations such as the Working Council of CIOsAIIM, the Ford Motor Company and Reuters have found that:

  • Knowledge workers spend from 15% to 35% of their time searching for information.
  • 40% of corporate users reported that they cannot find the information they need to do their jobs on their intranets.

Ask yourself the following questions:

→    Do you have unstructured content stored on multiple servers, in multiple repositories? ( 80% of business information is typically unmanaged)
→    Do you want your Content available, securely, to a wider user base? Enterprise-wide? Externally? (as opposed to a subset of departments and/or users)
→    Do you need to optimize business processes and improve business agility? (i.e. integrate unstructured content into regular business processes)
→    Are you concerned about legal compliance and regulations? ( e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley HIPPA DoD 5015)
→    Do you have Sharepoint Sprawl or disconnected Content Repositories?
→    Do you need a reliable, secure and scalable content environment that's easy to manage and affordable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, give us a call and put us to the test.

The EBS Group offers proven Solutions like Oracle Universal Content Management, an award winning enterprise content management platform, that manages and delivers an entire spectrum of structured and unstructured content ( eMail, Documents, Scanned Images, Multi-Media) all to the fingertips of your entire enterprise with speed, accuracy and securely. Features such as versioning, check-in-check-out, integrated workflow, and approval processing will help your employees become more effective. Importantly in today's distributed workplace, Oracle Content Management will provide you with the means to allow users the ability to find, update and add to that information, all from the convenience of their own web browser.

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