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Performance Tuning HA

Thinking about the level of availability you guarantee in your customer service level agreements (SLA)? Do you provide 99.999% availability, 99.99%, 99.9%, maybe even less? In a recent study, the Standish Group estimated "One minute of system downtime can cost an organization anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000." Even at 99.9% availability, this means downtime could be costing your organization upwards of $5 million per year! Think about how much system downtime is costing your organization.


With The EBS Group Performance Solutions you can:

  • Gain the fastest fail-over and predictable recovery time from system failures
  • Eliminating risk from the backup and recovery process
  • Have complete data protection with Oracle Data Guard
  • Identify and recover from human error without taking users off-line
  • Perform routine and maintenance operations online
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